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Healthcare Innovation is a broad field where technology plays a crucial role in sustaining an evolving delivery system. The United States has some of the most sophisticated and comprehensive solutions in the world, yet many never see their potential. Because of outdated incentive models, healthcare has functioned in misaligned silos driving providers, suppliers, technologies, and investors to compete rather than work together. The time has come to break down barriers, bridge gaps, and work together to bring sustainability back to healthcare.

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VantEdge One Group is an advanced solutions firm focused on driving collaborative change across the healthcare delivery ecosystem. We believe in bold thinking, accompanied by disciplined process implementation and technology standardization to ensure we deliver the impact our clients seek to achieve.

Focused consulting

Goal-specific solutions led with the drive and determination to complete desired outcomes, inspiring joint-ownership for sustainable outcomes

inside Expertise

Frontline healthcare experience with a clear understanding of how technology standardization can affect meaningful change


Simplifying complex processes with scalable, customized methodologies to meet healthcare-specific needs

needs driven

Focused on realizing tangible outcomes for our clients and results that positively impact their organization’s bottom line

Collaborate with Us

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We focus on building a strong foundation for change within hospital operations including: perioperative services, supply chain, revenue cycle, human resources, and end-to-end clinical design.

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We strategically facilitate the development of larger market penetration opportunities for healthcare suppliers and vendors by showcasing innovation in creative, collaborative ways.

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We integrate new-to-market and unique innovations within provider or supplier organizations in need of impactful solutions, addressing strategic goals.

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We enable visualization of current assets and potential investments, developing realistic targets, and understanding innovation measures for strong returns and greater overall impact in healthcare.

Thought Leadership

VantEdge One Group is dedicated to providing relevant, subject-matter expertise with experience in navigating the unique challenges found in healthcare. Take a look at how we view the world.

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Fall 2017 The IDN Summit

The IDN Summit events including a focus group, participating on a panel, and is a Silver sponsor. This is our big event and we would like to make a splash on social media.

Basic Info

Fall 2017 The IDN Summit

August 28-30, 2017

Phoenix, AZ.



Friday, December 15th, 2017 at 3:45pm
#VantedgeOneGroup is dedicated to ensuring investors maximize returns from their #healthcare investments. Our focus is to proprietary tools, methods and relationships to create innovative collaborations strategically married to the objectives they seek https://t.co/GqaGqzY2c7 https://t.co/qPEAQmve7g VantEdge1Group photo
Friday, December 8th, 2017 at 3:30pm
A drone flew chilled human blood for 160 miles over the hot Arizona desert — smashing records for transport of biological samples on a remotely operated vehicle https://t.co/vYhlppXGfJ @verge #Healthcare #HealthcareInnovation #Drones #HealthcareTechnology https://t.co/XVmsa0D7kc VantEdge1Group photo
Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 at 3:30pm
With 6+ million medical devices on the market and 6,500+ manufacturers just in the U.S. alone, information about these devices is often difficult to manage https://t.co/mVPi0z1zIN @MPOmagazine #Healthcare https://t.co/L8sQMpNDt8 VantEdge1Group photo

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