Hospital Impact: Solving the dynamic tension between healthcare innovation and cost

Everyone wants healthcare costs to go down. And everyone wants the development of innovative treatments ...
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7 (plus 1) predictions for healthcare IT in 2017

I review my predictions for 2016, and offer a set of predictions for 2017 (while duly acknowledging that some things ...
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Healthcare Supply Chain Amazoned

I predicted in Feb 2015 that Amazon is quietly putting together the foundation necessary to disrupt the healthcare supply chain ...
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Will Technology Make Your Supply Chain Job Obsolete?

Have you looked inside a factory or a distribution center lately? Robots, robots everywhere! ...
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How to Become a Healthcare Innovator

Legislative hearings and extensive media coverage may have highlighted the unsustainable direction of our healthcare system, but this industry still ...
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9 Healthcare Predictions For 2017

Every year at Frost & Sullivan, the Transformational Health team brainstorm top predictions for the New Year to come ...
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