58 hospitals with innovation programs | 2017

Becker’s Healthcare is pleased to recognize the following 58 hospitals with innovation programs.

The next big thing in AI, emotional intelligence, could give hospitals a competitive edge

But some big questions need to be answered as tools like Siri and Alexa start playing a role in the patient journey, says one expert.

Digital health isn’t dead, but the hype and noise are stealing attention away from what matters

I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs who believed it was good (great, even!) to generate cash, and really bad to have to fire people because there isn’t enough money to keep them around.

Healthcare Stole the American Dream – Here’s How We Take it Back | Dave Chase | TEDxSunValley

The middle class is being crushed by skyrocketing healthcare costs, but there are common sense solutions to save it. Dave Chase gives us a non-political road map to solving one of America’s biggest problems.

Why 98% of Digital Health Startups Are Zombies And What They Can Do About It

Since moving from the entrepreneur to the VC side of the startup world, I’ve spent a lot of time with seasoned healthcare investors. The common view is that 98% of digital health startups are the walking dead right now.

In The Future, Your Doctor May Be An Avatar

At USC, Dr. Leslie Saxon and her team at the Center for Body Computing are using technology to make healthcare more accessible.

Talking Health Care Innovation with J. Michael Bennett, M.D.

J. Michael Bennett, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine with Fondren Orthopedic Group, and an advisor to the TMCx accelerator program

Health Tech Podcast: Insights from a former Amazon exec now driving innovation in healthcare

Lots of people think they know how to fix healthcare, from legislators in Washington D.C. to your talkative neighbor down the street.

Providence St. Joseph executive Aaron Martin: Slow pace of healthcare innovation is jarring to the tech world

There are major differences between how the technology and healthcare sectors approach innovation.

Ascension partners with tech accelerator

The largest nonprofit health system in the U.S. is working to establish a pipeline of early-stage innovators.

Internet Health Management

Investors seem to be shrugging off politicking when it comes to ponying up money for digital healthcare deals.

Amazon poised to deliver disruption in medical supply industry

Amazon is on the healthcare industry’s doorstep. The e-commerce giant continues to transform virtually every

5 ways to accelerate healthcare innovation and delivery system reform

Innovations could help produce a more efficient and effective healthcare delivery system but only

OSF Ventures invests in company working to end mental health care shortages

OSF Ventures, the corporate investment arm of OSF HealthCare, led the latest investment round in Regroup Therapy

Merger-mania trend continues as Partners plans to acquire Care New England Health System

Partners HealthCare announced plans to acquire Care New England Health System, the second largest health system in Rhode Island.

Proliferation of medical device importation complicates tax reform, potential import tariff

America imports about 30 percent of its medical devices and supplies; Mexico is the leading supplier, ahead of Ireland, Germany…

Healthcare mergers and acquisitions in 2016: Running list

EmblemHealth, Northwell form agreement for shared-risk - March 28

Amazon Prime Air drone completes its first US public delivery

At the MARS 2017 conference, Amazon's drone delivery arm ships over some sunscreen.

Swiss hospitals will start using drones to exchange lab samples

It’s the first time drones will be used commercially for this purpose in an urban area

CMR Institute Announces Strategic Alliance With VantEdge One Group

This collaboration will bridge gaps, and work to bring sustainability back to healthcare.


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  • Fall 2017 The IDN Summit
    The IDN Summit events including a focus group, participating on a panel, and is a Silver sponsor. This is our big event and we would like to make a splash on social media.
    August 28-30, 2017
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  • AHRMM17 Conference & Exhibition
    AHRMM17 is the premier education event and the central meeting place for providers, academics, affiliates, and vendors working in all facets of healthcare supply chain.
    July 23-26, 2017
    Washington, D.C.
  • MedForce 2017
    Transforming Your Commercial Model The Sales & Marketing Conference for MedTech Innovators
    June 20 – 22, 2017
    Hutton Hotel, Nashville, TN
  • Spring 2017 The IDN Summit
    The IDN Summit events provide leading IDNs and healthcare systems a unique opportunity to interact with their GPO and supplier partners.
    April 10-12, 2017
    Orlando, FL.


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